Compostable Agave Jumbo Straw, Paper Wrapped, 8.25
Compostable Agave Jumbo Straw, Paper Wrapped, 8.25
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Compostable Agave Jumbo Straw, Paper Wrapped, 8.25" - 1200 ct

Paper Wrapped

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Promote Sustainability With Home Compostable Straws Support the eco-friendly movement by using our collection of PHA straws formulated from canola seeds. These products consist of biopolymers that contribute to a sustainable ecosystem through marine biodegrading and home composting. This means the straws quickly decompose and become a part of the environment once again — either in the ocean or on land. Our set of PHA straws comes in one standard size and color.
Agave Fibers, Polylactid Acid (PLA) Compound, Polyhydroxialkanoates (PHA)

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